Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top Ten Insights From Traveling Route 66-- Part 1

From the April 26, 2011 Huffington Post by Paul Hogarth.

Mr. Hogarth was able to fulfill a life-long ambition and had just flown to Chicago and spent three weeks driving Route 66 from there to Santa Monica. he had some interesting comments about the Mother Road. I will list them with his comments and some mine in parentheses. For the whole thing, search for it.

1. ILLINOIS DOES THE BEST JOB OF PROMOTING ROUTE 66-- "Every town milks its connection." That is, except for Bloomington-Normal which apparently has no idea about the road. And, we have the best signage.

2. ST. LOUIS REMINDED ME OF NEW ORLEANS-- (And, not in a good way.) It is an old town that has fallen upon hard times where he "witnessed the worst inner-city poverty I have ever seen." (I take it he went through the north part of 66 from the Chain of Rocks to downtown.)

3. MISSOURI'S POVERTY WAS OVERWHELMING-- It was especially bad in the Ozarks part of the state. (I don't remember it being that bad and sure wouldn't mind living there which may come sooner than later if my property taxes here in Illinois keep going up at the present rate.)

More to Come. --RoadDog

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