Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cruise Around Fox Lake: Storm Damage and Bald Eagles-- Part 3

This last Thursday, we took the boat out for a cruise around Fox Lake to view storm damage from last Monday's storm.

There were many limbs down as well as hole trees splintered. Many of the people along the shore line did not have power yet and, upon leaving Electric Harbor, we saw a couple homes which were actually damaged by falling trees. Several had blue tarps on their roofs.

Cruising along the north shore of the lake now and we saw that the garage doors were down at Captain's Quarters, meaning they were closed. Neighbor and manager Melanie later told us they were closed from Monday to Thursday and finally got electricity Thursday night and were able to reopen for business Friday. That is a big loss of money for places that depend on the short summer season to make a profit.

Though we didn't officially have a tornado July 11th, the hit and miss location of damage sure would indicate one.

And then, what about our bald eagles.

Much Worse Than I Initially Thought. --RoadDog

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