Thursday, July 21, 2011

When the Going Gets Hot, the Dazed Go Out Anyway-- Part 2

Well, it was H-O-T!! today. When you water the plants, bushes and trees (we also have a several week drought going on, the horses are complaining that the grass is too brittle and hurts their mouths when razing) and you sweat from all the "exertion," you know it's hot and muggy.

Anyway, it was also H-O-T last week and weekend, but that didn't stop us from going out.


We did a boat float and went to see the bald eagles and take more pictures with the regular camera. We then had a delicious steak and well-traveled shrimp fry at Sue and Paul's place on Long Lake. The shrimp had been brought up from the Gulf of Mexico on ice the night before, so this is about as fresh as you can get this distance from them.

Plenty of food and beer as well as Pete's famous pasta. We brought along a six pack of Beck's and we toasted our planned trip to Munich for Oktoberfest in two years after Sue and Paul retire from teaching.

And, It Was Hot, But Who's Counting? --RoadDog

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