Monday, July 18, 2011

America's Five Most Underrated Cities

From the July 12th Yahoo! Real Estate.

1. Chicago
2. Pittsburgh
3. New Orleans
4. Milwaukee
5. Buffalo

They had their reasons, so check out the article. As usual, lots of rust-belt cities as you'd expect.

I've been to all but Pittsburgh.

My kids in class had a really hard time spelling #2. That silent "h" got them every time. Plus there was, and still is that difficult to spell Cincinatti, or is it Cincinnati? Sorry Denny.

Then, Again, a Lot of My Kids Wanted to Visit Hawii for Vacation. Still Haven't Figured Where That Place Was. --RoadDog


DennyG said...

The timing of this post is impeccable. It triggered a memory that Pittsburgh's 'H' had officially gone missing for awhile and I went off looking for the details. It seems that a government board kicked the 'H' out of all "...burghs" in 1890 but the folks in Pittsburgh fought so hard to keep theirs that it was eventually restored. Your post was just in time to allow us to celebrate the centennial of the resurrection of the 'H' on July 20, 1911.

BTW, I believe that Cincinnati has always officially had 3 'N's & 'I's and a single 'T' but I've certainly seen a wide range of all those letters unofficially.

RoadDog said...

Three more days to the 100th! I can hardly wait.

Then, there was the infamous Pittsburg Landing by the Battle of Shiloh.