Friday, July 1, 2011

Retro-Eating at the Dog: Feastin' and Spillin'

Having fun here at home.

Yesterday, I went to the Dog 'N Suds in Ingleside for their 99 cent Charcoburger special (regularly $1.99), one of the best burgers around. It is just something about the mix of fixins' they put on it and the taste of the charco broiled patty.

A whole bunch of other folks had the same idea.

And, Dog 'N Suds is a holdover from those days of the 1950s popularized by "Happy Days" and "American Graffiti." You order on a speaker and then a carhop brings your food.

Also had a small part of one of their signature root beers until mine tipped over while I was trying to position it to keep my wrappers from blowing away. Real fast reflexes saved about 4 ounces. Definitely did not make my day!!

I was driving the new Malibu and didn't want to spill anything in it so was eating outside at the picnic tables. It is either me or maybe they just don't design cars to eat inside them anymore. I seem to remember it wasn't difficult at all back when I was growing up.

Love Those Charcoburgers. --RoadDog

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