Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Boating Season Again: No More Aquarium for Now

Launched the boat Thursday and went for our first cruise yesterday.

Floated in Fox Lake until it got too hot. Sure could have used a breeze.

Slow cruised through Nippersink Lake and saw that the Aquarium was indeed closed as we heard. That place, home of the minnows has had serious problems the last five years and has been closed most of the time.

We thought it might have turned the corner when Demitrius Maravela ran it a couple years ago, but something happened and he was no longer there. Sad to hear that earlier this week, he has crashed his cruiser into the breakwater off Milwaukee's Summerfest Grounds and had been killed.

Last year, another person tried to get the place running, but that fell through as well. The Aquarium is noted for its Minnow Club, which you join by swallowing or crunching minnows. I joined it a couple times. Not very pleasant.

They are on the Chain Crawl, so we'll have to see what happens with that organization.

Here's Hoping They Get the Place Open Again. --RoadDog, Well, SeaDog

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