Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cruise Around Fox Lake: Storm Damage and Bald Eagles-- Part 4

Liz had read on the Fun on the Fox website that the Chain's pride and joy, the pair of nesting bald eagles and their offspring, had become homeless when their tree and nest were toppled during the storm.

They had one on the channel between Nippersink Lake and Grasslake, maybe an eighth of a mile from the Grasslake Road Bridge. Everyone starts looking for the eagles when passing this area. Quite often, you can see one flying. The pair have been there for three years now.

Their nest was in a copse of trees and about half of these trees were down and others had lost limbs.

We were happy to see an adult perched on a branch and a juvenile on another. You can tell the difference because the young ones don't have the tell-tale white heads and tails, although they are as big as their parents. And, they had plenty of eagle talk going on.

We didn't see the other adult and hope it is still around and not hurt or dead.

Liz took photos on her cell phone, but we were too far away to get a good shot.

Here's Hoping We Get to Keep Those Magnificent Birds. --RoadDog

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