Friday, July 15, 2011

Cruise Around Fox Lake: Storm Damage and Bald Eagles-- Part 1

Yesterday, we took a boating cruise around Fox Lake, part of Illinois' Chain of Lakes to look at damage from Monday's storms.

We saw quite a few downed trees and piles of branches on all sides of the lake. The Village of Fox Lake evidently got their power back last night around 8 pm. Rick, whose pier on the channel is where we keep our boat, said that the last two days, he an his neighbors had had big cookouts as people cleared everything out of their freezers (they lost electricity at 8 am Monday).

The "Hotel," what we call that mega-mansion on the east side of the lake, had lost a bunch of trees.

We wanted to stop at the new Fairmont Shores restaurant and bar on the lake, but it was either still without power or didn't open until 4.

We did stop at Electric Harbor and enjoyed their huge tiki bar out by the water. There was obviously much talk about Monday's storm and the first thing people said was always, "You got power?" Bottled domestic beer is $3 and today they have half-price appetizers. Have to check it out Wednesday for $2 Johnsonville brats and fries and $3 frozen drinks. Got a hankerin' for a rumrunner or frozen 'grita. Maybe a mudslide.

Cruise Continues. --RoadDog

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