Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boating to McDonald's

After cruising through Nippersink Lake, we went under Beer Can Bridge into Pistakee Lake. We were quite in need of cooling off by then so headed for McDonald's for the ac and a drink.

This McDonald's, on US-12, is one of only two or three ones in the US you can boat to. We normally get food (usually breakfast, and eat out on the boat and feed the ducks), but, like I said, we needed to cool off.

Liz wanted to go to the Lagoon Lounge next door to McDonald's and get a passport stamp in our Chain Crawl book. I just wanted a pop, so went to McDonald's.

Hard to beat those $1 drinks right now, especially on a hot, sweaty day. Almost too cold though. I hate when places really crank up the ac.

A Much-Needed Break. --RoadDog

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