Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cruise Around Fox Lake: Storm Damage and Bald Eagles-- Part 2

Nothing to do with the storm or eagles, but yesterday, I forgot to mention that Baja Benny's is still closed and for sale. It is on the south shore of Fox Lake and has been a favorite watering hole of ours for years.

It was Costello's Pub-Grub for around ten years and we were good friends with owners Frank and Sharon and their German shepherd Blitz, who could clearly say "Pepperoni" when he wanted some from a customer. That dog got a lot of pepperoni from that little trick. He had us trained well.

This was also the home base of the Usual Suspects for our Bear games on Sundays and continued to be after they sold it and the place became Baja Benny's. Cheap beer and free hot dogs, plenty good friends, and lots of TVs as well as the lake view, great way to cheer on Da Bears.

Plus, Costello's had free peanuts and later Benny's had free popcorn.

Frank's last name was Costello and he was a retire Chicago cop so a lot of his buddies would come out. One of his brothers also owned popular pizza/bars in Wauconda and Lake Zurich called J.J. Twiggs, which also have free peanuts. Once, we were in the Lake of the Ozarks and went to a place which had NTN and saw they had peanuts in metal buckets with the name J.J. Twigg's Wauconda on it. Something you wouldn't expect to see in Missouri.

It ended up that one of the Twigg's owners had opened this place there and today it has moved near the dam and is a real taste of the North Woods and Chicago in the Ozarks.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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