Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tidbits: Stuff to See While Cruising the States

From this week's American Profile Magazine


MICHIGAN-- The CHERRY BOWL DRIVE-IN THEATRE in Honor (pop. 328) has been open every summer since 1953. Now, that is one vintage place, hearkening back to the glory days of the drive-in.

It is located in northwest Michigan which calls itself the Cherry Capital of the World, hence the name and features a kids' playground and mini-golf for pre-movie fun. Last time, i was at a playground, I fell out of the swing. I stay away from swings now.

My big problem these days with drive-ins is that the shows start too late, around 9 around here and to get my money's worth, I want to see the second feature. Way too late for an old fart like myself.

MINNESOTA-- The oldest cemetery in Minneapolis is PIONEERS AND SOLDIERS MEMORIAL CEMETERY with burials dating back to 1853. The place is listed on the National Register for Historic Places.

Three War of 1812, many Civil War and twenty Spanish-American War veterans are buried here as well as many of the area's pioneer settlers, early blacks in the area and abolitionists.

MISSOURI-- Bolivar (pop. 10,325) established in 1835, is named after a Tennessee town that was named for South American hero, General Simon Bolivar. On July 4, 1948, President Harry Truman and Venezuelan President Romulo Gallegos attended the dedication of a memorial statue of the liberator.

Just Some Interesting Things to See. --RoadDog

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