Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Great Day Boating-- Part 2

Monday, July 25th.

Great sitting out at Freddie's tiki bar and enjoyed the $2 drafts and food. I sure wish they hadn't gotten so expensive, but that's their call.

We then cruised the short distance to Ben Watt's Marina and went to Moretti's for another stamp on our Chain Crawl passports.

We were already aware that the place is REALLY hard to find by boat. You can see it at all times, but you just can't get there from here for the most part.

We cruised down several channels between the boats and had to turn back. But, eventually even the blind squirrel finds the nut as Frank likes to say, and we found the correct way to the Moretti's pier, tied up and walked a ways to the place.

Their piers could use some repair. Mondays, they have $2 pints and $7 mountain lasagna, not a bad deal at all. Plus, the bartender was mighty friendly and we ended up staying for a couple beers. The bartenders at Vicki's in McHenry could sure learn something about being friendly from the Moretti bartenders.

The more you talk with customers, the more your tip. That should be obvious.

Last stop was back at the Legion where we downed a few more 50 cent brews and talked with the regulars.

All In All, Even a Bad Day Out on the Chain Is Better Than a Good Day at Work. --RoadDog

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