Monday, July 18, 2011

When the Going Gets Hot, the Dazed Go Outside Anyway-- Part 1

Continuing with our Big Oil Staycation, sticking close to home as a protest against the ridiculous gas prices. And, it is getting H-O-T around here. Maybe all that Global Warming we've been hearing about.

Sure is plenty to do around here.

THURSDAY JULY 14TH-- Out boating around Fox Lake looking at damage from Monday's storm and there was a lot. Fox Lake finally got power back today. Stopped at Electric Harbor and had a couple beers and enjoyed the view from their tiki bar.

Sadly, we heard the tree the bald eagles nested in near the Grasslake Road Bridge near Blarney Island was knocked down. Went by it and it was, but one mature and one juvenile eagle perched in a nearby tree.

Drove to Antioch, Illinois, for the first night of their Taste of Summer celebration. Sat out on the deck behind The Lodge of Antioch while waiting for the show to begin and enjoyed retro beer, PBR, and 25 cent wings. Their barbecue wings are great as are the Cajun. All of the Usual Suspects agreed these were outstanding wings and a great price. They also have 25-cent medium peel-and-eat (deveined) shrimp everyday, but we were too full to enjoy them.

A Jimmy Buffett band, Pirates Over 40, had a show at the band shell. They do have one 49-year-old "youngster" in the band. Great show and lots of folks dancing and singing along. Played not only JB, but Zak Brown and the other country/beach acts as well as reggae. More fun than folks should be allowed and we'll definitely be seeing them again.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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