Saturday, March 22, 2014

Watching the Eagles in Florida, Georgia and Iowa

Liz got me into this, but we have been watching eagle cams for the last several months showing nests in these three states. We're sure learning a lot about the growth and development of eaglets. //// The Florida bald eagles are in Fort Myers at Southwest Florida cam. Two eggs were laid and hatched, but the firt, E-3, died and E-4 has now branched and is about to fledge. //// The Georgia cam is at Berry College and it has one eaglet who is still quite young. //// The Iowa one is in Decorah. Three eggs were laid and are still being incubated, but there is a big fear that none of them will hatch because of the really cold temperatures we've been having. //// It's a Family Affair. --RoadDog

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