Monday, March 17, 2014

Some Irish Music For You This Green Day

I wrote the names of the songs from side one of this my ST. PADDY'S PARTY #1 cassette tape on my Down Da Road I Go blog. This is side 2: The Pub With No Beer // Drink It Up // It's All For Me Grog // Paddy on the Railway //// Merry Ploughboy // Biddy Mulligan // Gypsey Rover //// Reels // Irish National Anthem // Rising of the Moon //// Bridget Flynn // Goodbye Mrs. Durkin // The Wind That Shakes the Corn //// The First Love In Life // Whiskey In the Jar // Loch Lomand //// Finnegan's Wake // The Moonshiner // Whiskey You're the Devil // Whiskey In a Jar // Beer Beer Beer //// --RoadDog

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