Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Illinois Tollway Oases-- Part 2

There are seven oases (soon to be six). In 2011, over 11.8 million people visited them. They all have gas stations, fast food restaurants and other shops as well as tourist information. //// Six are built as bridge restaurants and the one at Dekalb is on the side of the tollway. The three original ones featured Standard Oil stations and Fred Harvey Restaurants. //// The Des Plaines Oasis was featured in the movie Blues Brothers where Carrie Fisher blew Jake and Elwood up in the phone booth. The oases: BELVIDERE I-90, Jane Addams Tollway; //// DEKALB I-88, Ronald Reagan Tollway //// DES PLAINES I-90 Jane Addams Tollway; //// These are all on the Tri-State Tollway I-294: HINSDFALE, LAKE FOREST, CHICAGO SOUTHLAND/LINCOLN and O'HARE. //// --RoadDog

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