Monday, March 17, 2014

Nom De Hoops: Strange Illinois High School Team Names-- Part 3: Polo Marcos (My Own Personal Favorite)

Again, the Tribune took the teams from Sweet Sixteen to state champion. Winners were judged strictly on neat-sounding ones (I suppose). INTERESTING PERSON REGIONAL: SWEET SIXTEEN: Carmel Corsairs vs. Polo Marcos // Elk Grove Grenadiers vs. Highland Park Giants //// ELITE EIGHT: Polo Marcos vs. Elk Grove Grenadiers //// FINAL FOUR: Polo Marcos. //// WEAPONS/SUPERNATURAL REGION: SWEET SIXTEEN: Chadwick Milledgeville Missiles vs. Knoxville Blue Bullets // Effingham Flaming Hearts vs. Illinois Valley Central Grey Ghosts, // ELITE EIGHT: Chadwick Milledgeville Missiles vs. Effingham Flaming Hearts // FINAL FOUR: Chadwick Milledgeville Missiles. //// On to the Final Four. --RoadDog

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