Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oh, That Mercer University: Defeat Duke in 2nd Round NCAA Tournament

Like with Gonzaga back quite a few years ago, when I heard that some team named Mercer and seeded #14 had defeated #3 seed Duke yesterday (sadly, I did not watch it), I had no idea where this school was so had to do some research today. //// Turns out that Mercer is in Georgia in several different locations, but the one with the basketball (and football) team is in Macon. //// Now, I am a big Duke fan, but, as I said before, I always pull for the underdogs because of my affinity for them (Hey, big NIU fan here, the ultimate underdog school). So, I would have been pulling all the way for the Mercer Bears. //// Way to Go, MERCER! You're On the Radar Now. --RoadDog

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