Friday, March 21, 2014

Off Subject, But As the Geico Camel Would Say, "It's B-Ball Time!!!"

I've been watching a lot of the first two days of the NCAA March Madness Tournament, always my favorite sporting event of the year. One loss and you're out. Doesn't get more serious than that. //// And talk about the excitement. //// I always pull for the lower seed, even against my big-boy faves like Wisconsin, Duke, Carolina. You've got to love the underdog "Cinderellas." //// Plenty of those yesterday. And, Mercer beating Duke!!! Who'd have figured that? //// They've finally gotten the game viewing right. Show them on four channels. The split screen definitely didn't work and I really hated having to watch blowouts when there was a close game going on. Now, I have control over what I watch. //// I Really Like That. --RoadDog

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