Monday, March 17, 2014

My Picks, Best High School Nickname Tournament

ELITE EIGHT: Apple-Knockers vs. Cornjerkers (Hard choice here) // Zee-Bees vs. Whip-Purs // Marcos vs. Grenadiers // Blue Bullets vs. Flaming Hearts //// FINAL FOUR: Apple-Knockers vs. Marcos // Whip-Purs vs. Flaming Hearts //// CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Marcos vs. Flaming Hearts //// WINNER: Marcos. //// Hey, I can just hear the chanting now. One side yells Marco and the other Polo. //// Hey, they forgot the Genoa-Kingston Cogs and Antioch Sequoits. //// Marco...Polo... Marco... Polo. I Like It. --RoadDog

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