Friday, March 7, 2014

Des Plaines Oasis to Close March 16th-- Part 1

From the March 6, 2014, Chicago Tribune by Jonathan Bullington. //// Less than two weeks to visit the Des Plaines Oasis over the Jane Adams Memorial Tollway, I-90, by Chicago. Illinois Tollway officials announced it closes for good at 8 p.m. March 16th before it will eventually be demolished as part of a road-widening project. //// The Oasis opened in 1959 and I have visited it or driven under it many times in the past, but not so often anymore because of the increased tolls and rarely ever going to Chicago or around it anymore. //// The Oasis spans over the tollroad and it was quite fun to get a bite to eat and sit and look at all the cars passing by underneath. //// The rip-off gas stations and convenience stores operated by 7-Eleven will remain open for the time being. //// I Just Might Have to Fork Over the $1.40 Toll to Visit It One More Time (Then Maybe Go to Rolling Stone in Norridge). First Randhurst, Now This. --RoadDog

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