Monday, March 17, 2014

Nom De Hoops: Strange Illinois High School Basketball Names-- Part 2: Cobden Apple-Knockers

As I said, in honor of the tournament, the Tribune listed these schools in a Sweet Sixteen format. I'll take each region to the Final Four. FOOD RELATED/FOOTWEAR REGIONAL SWEET SIXTEEN: Freeport Pretzels vs. Cobden Apple-Knockers,// Hoopeston Cornjerkers vs. Teutopolis Wooden Shoes. ELITE EIGHT: Freeport Pretzels vs. Teutopolis Wooden Shoes FINAL FOUR: Freeport Pretzels. //////// EXOTIC ANIMAL/FROG SOUND (The sound a frog makes) REGION SWEET SIXTEEN: Zion-Benton Zee Bees vs. Evanston Wildkits, Hampshire Whip-Purs vs. Lake Forest Academy Caxy's // ELITE EIGHT: Zion-Benton Zee Bees vs. Lake Forest Academy Caxys // FINAL FOUR: Zion-Benton. //// Some Mighty Interesting Names. --RoadDog

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