Friday, March 28, 2014

Shivering to North Carolina-- Part 3: Micro-Cassette Recorders

While driving through Elburn, Illinois, past the second-most expensive gas station on my Il-47 Chicago bypass, also at $3.87 like Stark's Corner, I had to quickly drop my micro-cassette recorder down to my lap as I passed an Elburn cop off to the side of the road. //// As of January 1st, it is illegal to be using a hand-held cell phone in Illinois and I have a lot of friends who have gotten tickets and/or warnings for using them. I imagine that from a distance, a micro-cassette might look like a cell phone and perhaps it might even be classified as a sort of cell phone. //// I didn't get pulled over. //// Personally, I don't have a problem with not using cell phones while driving. About the only time I do is when on a big trip like now, going to and from N.C.. But, I do know people who have to have a cell phone plastered to their ears at all times. Plus, I always think those blue tooth things on ears look kind of silly, about as silly as those baseball caps with the straight-across bills. //// --RoadDog

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