Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shivering My Way to NC:-- Part 2: How to Avoid Those Pesky Stoplights

Huntley, Illinois, is quickly earning the title "Stoplight City" from me because of the ever increasing number of them along Illinois Highway-47. The population of Huntley has boomed ever since the opening of Del Webb's Sun City and now it is just one subdivision after another. Every year it takes longer and longer to drive through town, especially when the lights gang up on you. //// And,they've always had the "Old Catcha Stoplight" at Main Street. I think in several hundred times through it, I've caught it green only three times. //// We now leave Il-47 and take Il-176 to Marengo and then Il-23 to DeKalb if we're going to NIU. But, driving to NC or Route 66 (Dwight), we have to go through Huntley. //// I have been getting over a cold and it is breaking up so I have to do a lot of spitting to get rid of the flim. I coughed quite a ways north of Huntley and needed to spit. I was able to get myself at the back of the line of cars on then four lanes and really needed to catch a red light to get rid of it. People sure don't want to see you spitting out the window if you're in front of them. //// That NEVER HAPPENED. I never once caught a red light (but did have to slow down a couple times as lights turned green). It took very little time to get through Huntley. I guess it is like reverse psychology. If the stoplights know you don't want to stop, they make sure you stop. Want to stop. No way you get a red light!! //// I even got past the new pesky light at Big Timber Road south of town and just had to slow down a little to get through the US-20/Il-72, Il-47 light by Stark's Corner. //// This has also happened in other "Stoplight Cities" when I wanted to look at a map or look up a phone number. //// Try It, What Do You Have to Lose, But Time. --RoadDog

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