Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting My Zydeco, Cajun, New Orleans Mardi Gras Music On

Been listening to my Mardi Gras/Louisiana CDs and cassette tapes this past week, getting in the mood for what little passes as Mardi Gras around here. The heavy snow Saturday kept us from Mardi Gras parties at Captain's Quarters and K.C.'s Cabin (and even the possibility of going to Twisted Moose or Tommy's to watch the Black Hawks play the Penguins at Soldiers Field). This rotten winetr has also lampooned our annual trip to the Gulf Coast and Mardi Gras celebrations at Mobile and Panama City. Between how cold it is there (generally 20-30 degrees warmer than here in northern Illinois), still, a 30-50 degrees difference to drive that distance just doesn't make it worth it. Plus, there has been that awful weather and storms between here and there. //// Anyway, we'll be looking for something around here the next two days. //// Gotta Find me a King Cake. --RoadDog

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