Monday, March 3, 2014

"The Big Easy" Opened My Eyes

There was a time I wasn't really familiar with Louisiana music for the most part. I'd never been there and just didn't have much opportunity to hear the music (in those pre-computer streaming days). //// Then came the movie "The Big Easy." That shattered my non-knowledge in a big way. I saw it at the theater and just was knocked off my feet by the music. Where in the world is this music coming from and how come I went so long without hearing it? I was hooked immediately. And then started to go out and buy as much zydeco, Cajun and New Orleans music as I could find, starting with the artists performing on the soundtrack. //// I now have a good-sized collection of albums, cassettes and CDs of the music and made several cassettes for my deejay shows, especially around Mardi Gras season. I had one traveling tape as well as it is ALWAYS a GOOD TIME to hear Mardi Gras Music. //// If That Don't Get Your Toes A-tappin', Nothing Will. --RoadDog

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