Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From the Frozen Tundra to Land of a Thousand (Or More) Ponds

Well, all that snow we received (and kept) this winter has finally started to melt, causing more than a few flooded fields, sometimes encroaching on roads. //// Last week, we drove to DeKalb, Illinois, to watch our NIU Huskies play in the first round of the MAC Basketball Tornament against Bowling Green. //// We saw flooded fields the entire way and some instances sort of felt like Moses at the parting of the Red Sea where there were still walls of snow on the sides of the road with nothing but water on the other side. //// But sure glad to get rid of some of that snow!! //// The Huskies won the game (but lost the next one). //// While in DeKalb, we ate at Tom and Jerry's on Il-34 (the Lincoln Highway) and had some of their famous gyros. After the game we had naked nuggets at Pizza Pros (also on the Lincoln Highway). This is a variation of the famed Dekalb area beer nuggets in that the dough is baked instead of fried. //// Mighty Good Eating. --RoadDog

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