Monday, October 1, 2012

NC Trip Summer 2012-- Part 8-- Arrival

JULY 11th

Feeling pretty full after the grazing at Golden Corral in Mt. Airy and nearing the coast with every mile.  Continued on to I-40 by Winston-Salem, NC.  Heading east and a big traffic jam east of the city because of an accident.

Turns out there were accidents on both sides of the interstate.  Must have been a gawker accident on one side or the other.

I hated to do it, but hit the Raleigh-Durham traffic right at rush hour, which meant jam up and jelly tight.  "You ain't goin' nowhere."

My MPG now up to 32.

Besides the traffic by R-D, not bad the rest of the trip. What was bad was all the rain pretty much across the whole state of North Carolina.  At times it came down so hard, and with those trucks whizzing by, I could hardly see.  making it worse, this being a newer vehicle, I couldn't find the emergency flashers which I really wanted to put on.

East of Raleigh, I saw "Slippery When Wet" markers on the road construction and it must have been just that, as I saw quite a few cars disabled along the sides of I-40.

We sure could use some of that rain in our drought back in Illinois; so bad we had to pull the boat out before it got stuck in the channel mud.

Arrived at the place in Topsail Beach at 8:30 PM after driving1,178.2 miles the last two days.  My MPG was up to 32.7!!

Good to Be Back at the Beach.  --RoadDog

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