Monday, October 8, 2012

Heading Home: Summer 2012-- Part 2: From White House to Cincinnati

I spent Saturday, July 21st, with Andy and Andrea in White House, Tennessee, and enjoyed Charlie and Aylin, their kids.  Spent a fun afternoon at the home of someone in that 1% class, ot at least close to it.  Quite impressive and enjoyed the pool area.  Then, there was a 60th birthday party for Andrea's uncle.

The next day, drove I-65 to Louisville, Kentucky, where I picked up I-71 heading east to Cincinnati.  The stretch out of Louisville is called The Woodrow Wilson Road, why, I know not.  Saw a sign for the site of a fatal bus crash in the 1980s.

Later saw a sign saying the US-421 bridge into Indiana at Madison, Indiana, was closed for repairs.

I-71 joins I-75 south of Cincinnati and is called  the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail, a very worthy group.

Met up with pal Denny at the new American Sign Museum in Cincinnati and took a tour through it.

Sign Me In.  --RoadDog

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