Friday, October 26, 2012

Ten Roads That Will Scare You Silly

From Listverse.

10.  A75 Kinmont Straight in southwest Scotland
9.  Kelly Road in Ohioville, Pennsylvania, especially a one mile stretch of it
8.  Deadman's Curve in Clermont County, Ohio where 222 meets 125.  It was part of the Ohio Turnpike in 1831.

7.  Boone County, Illinois, by Belvidere.  Called Bloodspoint Road.
6.  Stockbridge Bypass in England, formerly part of M-67.
5.  M6 Motorway in England, longest road
4.  Tuen Mon Road in Hong Kong

3.  Highway 666 in the United States in Utah
2.  A229 from Sussex to Kent, England
1.  Clinton Road in Passaic County, New Jersey

For pictures and explanation, go to Listverse.

OK, Now You Scared Me and It Isn't Even Halloween Yet.  --RoadDog

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