Saturday, October 20, 2012

If You're Headed for the Marlinton, W. Va, Roadkill Cook-off, You're Too Late

From the Oct. 8, 2012, Yahoo! Travel "The Roadkill Cook-Off."

Maybe, not all the food prepared was real roadkill, but, anyway....

This is run in conjunction with the Marlington, West Virginia, Autumn Harvest Festival and like I said, you're too late for it as it took place September 29th.  They feature such delicacies as squirrel, groundhog and possum.

2012 Winners:

1ST  (ALSO SHOWMANSHIP)--  The Ridge Runners for their Stuffed-Bear-Ron-A-Saur-Us (It would be interesting to know what was in it.

2ND--  East Meets West Virginia for their Venison and Rabbit Stew

3RD--  Woodrow Woodrats for their South of the Border Nachos

PEOPLE'S CHOICE--  Pochahontas County Pro Start for their Porcupine Stew (hope they took the quills out.)

Waiting Till Next Year.  --RoadDog

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