Monday, October 1, 2012

A Pretty Good Weekend: Three Football Games, Three Bands, Three Bars

And, we're talking high school, college and NFL games.


Drove to Palatine, Illinois, and saw the Palatine Pirates barely beat the Fremd Vikings at Palatine's homecoming game.  Final score was 24-17.  Fremd was driving with 14 seconds left when Palatine intercepted on ots 14 yard line.

Watch out for the powder the Palatine students like to throw these days.

After the game, we got together with Kevin and wife Debbie.  He graduated with us from Palatine in 1969.  Always great to talk with old friends.


Drove to Dekalb, Illinois, for the Northern Illinois-Central Michigan game.  Enjoyed Fatty's Oktoberfest tent before the game and with Die Musikmeisters, an eight-piece oompah band playing.

The Huskies led the whole game, but in the third, the Chippewas pulled to within 27-21, but then Northern blew them out.

Drove home and over to Captain's Quarters where we saw Red Eye Express band play.


Drove to McHenry and had a drink at Twisted Moose and then went downtown by the Fox River.  I went to the Vinyl Frontier record store and bought a Kinks CD.  Joined Liz at After the Fox where the band Practice in Public was playing for the bar's 30th anniversary party.  Watched that really close Packer-Saints game and again took grief from Bear fans.  Despite many more calls going against us, the Pack won.

A Pretty Good Time.  --RoadDog

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