Friday, October 5, 2012

Heading Home: Summer 2012

Left Goldsboro, NC at 8:12 AM, July20, 2012 with overall mileage at 8745 and mileage for trip at 1,451.  Took US-70 to Raliegh and then I-40 west.  Missed the horror traffic.

Stopped in Mebane, NC, for one last shot of Carolina BBQ at Smithville Chicken and BBQ.  I saw my first-ever Cheerwine soda pop truck.  I had stocked up with six bottles of the stuff.  By Winston Salem, mpg at 32.0.

Got off I-40 in Asheville at the Biltmore exit and went to the fanciest McDonald's I've ever seen.  I didn't buy anything because of the long lines.  I always buy something from places where I stop to use the bathroom.  Common courtesy.  Use the facilities, buy something.

As I already know, get gas before you get to Asheville as it was $3.60 at one place and I had been paying $3.12 to $3.39 on the trip so far.  Even West Virginia was only around $3.30.  But, I did see gas at $3.30 at another station in the city.

Getting back on the interstate, I came across the longest-ever left turn signal...and I wasn't turning left.

Hit Knoxville, Tn., at rush hour and I've been told it has a bad one, but cruised right through, until I got considerably west of town...and there it was.  Not as bad as Chicago, but approaching the Raleigh-Durham horror.

Arrived at my nephew's place in White House at 9357 miles and 2.063 for trip.  MPG now at 33.4.

Stopped ta the BP and stocked up on my Chocolate Uglys.

The Stop before the Stop Before Getting Home.  --RoadDog

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