Monday, October 22, 2012

One Last Trip Down the Fox River (For the Season)-- Part 2

This took place Oct. 8th.

Once past the dam and lock (and the tender said that just one other boat had gone through today), we made for a new one that has opened called River Side a little south of the 176 bridge, but found that it wouldn't open until 4 PM and we didn't want to wait around.

So, then, second choice, Joey B's just to the south of the 176 bridge.  We'd enjoyed out visit back in the summer, but after a really hard climb out of the boat, the low water has resulted in some mighty high piers, we walked the 100 yards to the place, only to find that it too was closed, but the sign led us to believe indefinitely.

Back to the boat and a bit of a perilous drop into it from those high piers, and we went to the other side of the bridge to Kief's Reef.  Of course, more really high piers.  We decided that we'd best take along a step ladder the next time we go downriver.

We found out in there that Joey B's had had "some problems" and was closed for awhile, but the bartender wouldn't say exactly for what.  She did say that this summer had been VERY hard on all the places south of the locks because of the drought and resultant low water.

We had a couple beers and an appetizer before going back through the locks (again, we were the only ones) and stopped at the Snuggery just south of McHenry and had their half-pound cheeseburger and fries special for $5.  Great food.

Last stop was the American Legion in Fox Lake by the US-12 bridge.  Mondays are 50 cent drafts.

A Good "Last Day" Downriver.  --RoadDog

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