Saturday, October 13, 2012

Open House Chicago: What a Great Idea-- Part 1

There was a special advertisement section in the Thursday Chicago Tribune for the Open House Chicago group listing events for today and tomorrow, Oct 13-14.    It bills itself as a FREE, behind -the-scenes access to over 150 buildings across Chicago.

What a great idea.

It is from 9 to 5 today and tomorrow brought to you by the Chicago Architecture Foundation and over a dozen other organizations.  It is not just downtown, but spread across the city:  Downtown, The Gold Coast, Chinatown, Prairie Avenue District, West Neighborhoods, Garfield Park/North Lawndale, Humboldt Park, Little Village, Pilsen, South Neighborhoods, Black metropolis/Greater Bronzeville,Hyde Park, South Shore, North Neighborhoods, Rogers Park/West Ridge and Uptown.

Chicago is a city of amazing architecture and essentially was able to start over after the Great Chicago Fire.  I would recommend that is you ever come to the city, that you get in contact with Dave Clark, the Windy City Road Warrior, for one of his personalized walking tours.  If he is not available, go to the Chicago Architecture Foundation and they have quite a few tours available as well.

I imagine Dave is going to go to as many of the areas as possible today and tomorrow.

I'll be elsewhere this weekend, so won't be able to go, but will be writing about places I would have liked to have visited over the course of next week.

You can find more information at

Walking Down the Street With Buildings in Mind.  --RoadDog

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