Monday, October 29, 2012

Closing Down the 2012 Boating Season: A Recap-- Part 1

When we're not out on the road, we like to be out on the boat and we just officially put an end to the 2012 season on Saturday when I towed the boat over to the barn in Hebron, Illinois, where I store it for the winter.

With Frank's help, I pulled the boat last Wednesday and took it over to Midwest Marine in Antioch who had it winterized, prepped for 2013 and the hull cleaned by Thursday.  Picked it up Friday and Liz cleaned the inside and took stuff out for the winter.

Nothing to do now but wait six or seven months and get it our and back on the water.

Darryl, our marine mechanic, says times are getting rough here on the Chain of Lakes, so much so that he has had to start working part time for another marina to make ends meet.  He says that a whole lot of the boats he used to work on have been sold because of the economy.  Hey, house payment or boat payment?  How you going to call that?

Plus, there is the super-expensive gas, and if you buy it on the water, it is at least a buck more.  Then, mother nature kicked in this summer with the drought which caused the water level to drop so low that a lot of props were destroyed along with lower units when items were encountered.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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