Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sorting Out the Best of the Best in Illinois High School Football

That's right, the 2012 edition of the massive, 256 team, Illinois High School Association playoff begins this weekend.  And that means, we begin the Third Annual Lincoln-66 IHSA Football Showdown, pitting teams making the playoffs from those two historic roads against each other.

The IHSA Playoffs by the numbers:

256--  number of teams in it

32--  number of teams per class

8--  number of classes

239-  number of football programs which have won state titles

13--  number of titles won by Joliet Catholic, the most of any team  (Joliet is back again, but with just a 5-4 record.  They represent both Route 66 and Lincoln Highway.

3--  number of teams representing both 66 and the Lincoln

27--  the number of seasons in a row Mt. Carmel has made the playoffs

28--  number of undefeated teams in the field

53--  number of 8-1 teams

60--  number of 7-2 teams

76--  number of 6-3 teams

40  Number of 5-4 teams

16--  the number of 5-4 teams that didn't make it (determined by the # of victories by their opponents).

Find Out the Lincoln Highway and Route 66 Teams Tomorrow.  --RoadDog

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