Friday, October 19, 2012

Fatal Bus Crash on I-71 in Kentucky

Back on October 8th, I was writing about my drive back from North Carolina in July this past summer.  After spending Saturday July 21st in White House, Tennessee, I drove to Louisville on Sunday and took I-71 east to Cincinnati. 

Along that stretch of road, I saw a sign referring to a fatal bus crash the 1980s, but was driving too fast to read it, so had to look it up.

It turns out that on May 14, 1988 a drunk driver drove into church school bus returning from an outing at King's Island amusement park, causing the deaths of 27 aboard it.  And 34 of 67 were also injured.  Most of the victims weer teenagers.

This took place in Carroll County, Kentucky, at the site of the sign.

A Very Tragic Happening. 

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