Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Trip Back...Way, Way Back

Yesterday, Liz and I drove to Palatine, Illinois, about 25 miles away, for some reminiscing and a homecoming football game between our Palatine and arch rival Fremd.

Stopped along the way at Target and Half-Price Books to buy CDs and a book and then to the cemetery in Arlington Hts. to visit Liz's parents' grave.

Man, there sure is a lot of traffic!!!

Then drove by the old Palatine High School off US-14, Northwest Highway.  Glad that at least some of the place is still standing and being used as administrative offices for the park district and the police station.  Cutting hall is still used for theater.  Then drove around the back of school, past Ost Field which I feel I'm partly the reason it came to be.  I went to Fremd freshman year then the last three at Palatine when the two schools were split.  My freshman year, we and the sophomores of Palatine all went to Fremd.  Juniors and seniors went to Palatine.

We had to play our "home" games at Fremd all through high school and I hated that.  So, as sports editor of the paper my senior year, I proposed building the field behind our school and it came to pass a few years later.  Of course, now Palatine High School has moved to a site off Hicks Road.

Then, ate at Photo's on Northwest Highway, near Hicks Road.  This is where the old Burger King I worked at in high school and part of college was located.  Judging by the number of customers, it is quite popular, but overrun with Fremd students.  I don't know about that.  Great food, though, and a free ice cream cone for dessert.

A Trip Back.  --RoadDog

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