Tuesday, June 7, 2011

National Road Coloring Books

From the June 6th Belleville (Il) News-Democrat.

The National Road Association of Illinois has a new campaign to make children more aware of the importance and place in history of the National Road, the nation's first federally-funded highway.

They will be giving away free coloring books and will feature the groups new mascot, Ollie the Ox.

Children will be able to pick up a stage coach pass at the Collinsville Historical Museum and other locations along the road in Illinois. Each pass is good for one free coloring book.

Those wanting coloring books can also contact John Goldsmith at 618-664-9343 or the National Road Association of Illinois at 109 W. Main Street, PO Box 542, Greenville, Illinois, 62246.

In 1806, legislation to build the road from Cumberland, Maryland, was signed by President Jefferson. Today, the byway is often called "The Road That Built a Nation" as it took settlers out to the Old Northwest Territory from Ohio to Illinois.

The last segment completed was Illinois' 168-mile corridor from Marshall in the east to East St. Louis on the Mississippi River.

A good idea, but do kids today want coloring books when they have DVDs and all that other technological material to keep them entertained?

Go With It. --RoadDog


JenniferRT66 said...

My grandson will most definitely have coloring books!! His mom, my daughter) is a talented artist and will certainly he teaching him how to draw, paint, illustrate, etc.

Coloring books won't die!

RoadDog said...

With the RT66 on your name, you must be a fan of the Mother Road. That stretch of pavement is the reason this blog is here.