Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard-- Part 19: Last Day-- Sanibel Island and Lighthouse

February 8, 2011.

Last breakfast at the hotel: scrambled eggs and bacon. Hard to beat those Holiday Inn Express hot breakfasts. I was thinking about getting a bit of last-minute pool time, but it was too cool as a cold front came in last night. OK, I can live with 66 degrees in February.

We drove out to the rich folks enclave out at Sanibel Island and paid their $6 admission fee to cross the bridge. We went to the south end of the island and took a walk around Sanibel Island lighthouse, one of those steel skeletal affairs and quite impressive.

Walking along the beach, we saw dolphins frolicking in the shallows and a lot of pelicans. There were also lots of shells around.

I remembered that I had bought two Sanibel Island lighthouses at Ace when they had them on sale for $15 each.

Near the lighthouse, they had a sign for a sub watch site used during World War II to watch for German U-boats. A person would have thought they would have just used the lighthouse.

An artist was on the beach making a beautiful painting of the scene. I wouldn't have minded buying it, but don't really have anywhere to put it.

Still on Sanibel. --RoadDog

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