Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard-- Part 18: Parrot Key and Big Game Bars

February 7, 2011


Later in the afternoon, we followed Dave to Parrot Bay and Big Game near Fort Myers Beach for a car show. You never want to follow Dave as he is oblivious to your situation behind him. There were several last-second turns where he would pop over a lane just before he turned. This made for some hairy situations, the last of which we lost him.

While Dave made his way around taking pictures, I availed myself of the two bars which are located right next to each other. Last night, Parrot Bay was the Packer bar and Big game the Steeler one.

Both are owned by the same folks. Happy hour was 99 cents for a 12-oz, $2 for 22-oz and $5 pitchers.

I talked with a couple wintering in Ft. Myers from nearby, at home, McHenry, Illinois. They live in an RV park and are very familiar with US-12.

Took a walk around the cars and saw one with a license plate "YNGRNME" which I had seen at the Route 66 Festival in Springfield, Illinois, on several occasions. Turns out, Dave knows him and at one time they lived withing a couple blocks of each other back in Elmhurst, Il..

Afterwards, we went back to Dave's and sat out by the pool. Of course, that necessitated the playing of WII bowling. I think everyone down there is addicted to that game. They even got me to play, which I did poorly.

One More Day to Go. --RoadDog

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