Friday, June 3, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard-- Part 17: Beachin' and Grazin'

FEBRUARY 7th-- 2011

Another fine breakfast at the HIE: sausage links and cheese omelet.

We drove across the bridge to Fort Myers to go to a bank so Al could get proof of funds at Chase bank. (You pay to cross the bridge from Ft. Myers to Cape Coral, but not the other way. We all said that if this was Chicago, they'd be charging you both ways.) He wants to make a bid on one of the condos he's been looking at. Old Canadian Al goes Floridian?

While waiting word from the real estate agent, we drove to Fort Myers Beach where traffic, especially coming toward us was at a stand-still. We found out later that there had been a bomb scare. Traffic coming toward us was backed up for almost two miles because of it.

Drove farther south along the water to a state park at an inlet. For $2 apiece, we walked the shore. Saw a medium-sized dead turtle with propeller marks on its shell. Kind of sad.

Unfortunately, the agent called to say Al's deal had fallen through. Oh well, there are lots of other places available in the Cape Coral area where quite a building boom was going on when the housing market fell apart.

We drove south to Naples, then got on the interstate (I-75) and took it back to Fort Myers, where we did some grazing at the Golden Corral.

Back to the hotel and I wanted to sit out by the pool, but it was way too windy as a cold front was coming in (here, cold front means 50-60 degrees.

Going to Parrot Key. --RoadDog

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