Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finding Rollins Road-- Part 5

Using state road maps.

In 1926, there was a town called Rollins north of Grayslake and Lake Villa. The current alignment of Rollins Road was not shown. Illinois Hwy 120 was not paved for a short stretch west of McHenry.

The town of Rollins was southwest of Il-83 and current East Rollins Road, about where Avon School is located today. There was no road shown between the town of Rollins and Ingleside on the 1927 map.

1928 map-- The town of Rollins was still shown. Il-120 shown in red, which meant it was paved. US highways shown for the first time. There was US-20 and US-12. US-12 at the time went from Palatine to Crystal Lake (today it goes from Palatine to Fox Lake, Spring Grove and Richmond, a more eastern alignment.

Today, there is no longer a town called Rollins, but if you type in Rollins, Illinois, into a search engine, it does come up.

Starting to See Spots Looking at These Maps. --RoadDog

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