Saturday, June 11, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard-- Part 21: Just Killin' Time

February 8, 2011

Last blog entry for this trip.

Drove back to the Holiday Inn Express in Cape Coral, packed and checked out.

We went over and looked at one last condo. Looks like Canadian Al will have to wait for another time to get his little slice of paradise. At least it's a good excuse to come back again.

Went over to RC's and hung out by his pool and had some drinks. Dave came over.We headed out to the airport and hit Fort Myers' rush hour where we did anything but rush. We just stopped and waited, stopped and waited. Wonder how they cram so many stoplights into a stretch of road.

We needed to get gas for the rental cars to avoid that huge charge if they fill it up. All the gas stations were on the other side of the road, but finally found one.

Mark pulled into an Olive Garden to eat. How could he be so hungry after that big DQ meal four hours ago. Plus, we were running short on time. Settled on Burger King.

The car drop-off was easy and there was no line at the Spirit Airline check-in. Security was a breeze and the plane even left a little early.

Unfortunately, the snow and cold was still there awaiting our return in Chicago. Mark dropped Al and Frank off then gave me a ride home.

Great Fun While It Lasted. --RoadDog

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