Thursday, June 2, 2011

Escaping from the Blizzard-- Part 16: Super Bowl on the Lanai

I've watched Super Bowls in many places, but this is the first time I watched it outside. I highly recommend it as an experience.

Dave's house opens to a screen enclosed pool area with a small bar, tables and loungers. In Florida, they call it a lanai. The first time I ever heard that term was on the TV show "The Golden Girls."

We all spread out for the game. Like I said before, unfortunately, most everyone was from Chicago and had that anti-Packer stance, but none as bad as Frank.

It wouldn't have hurt to have another Packer fan in the house. But, sitting outside made up for it. We had plenty of food and beer. No "shotters," though. We should have had them for TDs and sacks like I have at Margaritaville at home.

The Packers were extremely lucky in the game, scoring three TDs on Steeler turnovers. And, they ended up needing every break in order to win.

But, they DID win. Sorry Frank.

Looks like the Favre-era is Over. GO PACK!! --RoadDog


JenniferRT66 said...

The first and only time (until reading your blog) that I heard the word linai was also the Golden Girls.. LOL

RoadDog said...

If I ever move to Florida, that's what I want to have. That along with at least one palm tree. I love those trees.