Friday, June 17, 2011

Hebron, Illinois-- Part 2: Where'd They Get the Name?

One of those first settlers, a Mrs. Tryon was instrumental in giving the township and village its name. Neighboring pioneer families would gather at her home Sundays afternoons and sing. One Sunday, after singing "Old Hebron" she suggested that Hebron would be a good name for the township. The name stuck.

I was unable to find the lyrics to this song, but there is a city of 160,000 in the West Bank under Palestinian control by that name. Hebron is located south, southwest of Jerusalem and is scared to both Jews and Arabs as the home and burial place of Abraham and, for Jews, it was King David's capital for seven years.

The 2000 census showed 1,038 in the Illinois Hebron. A lot of home construction was going on when the recession and home bust hit and has since stopped in its tracks. There is plenty of land in the area. Lots of farms like the 100+ year old one where we keep our boat.

Champions to Come. --RoadDog

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