Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Marine Corps Thing-- Part 3: Stay Away from the DIs

Here are a few drill instructor stories.

We were on a much-hated hike, which is really a forced march and one of the worst things I've ever had to do.

We're marching along and I'm thinking of how much trouble I'd get in if I somehow lost my rifle which was digging a hole in my shoulder, when we came across a big old mud puddle in the middle of the dirt road. I hated cleaning and shining my boots almost as much as I hated that rifle digging into my shoulder.

So, I decided to walk around the puddle.

I did, and from out of nowhere, this big old hand grabbed me by my knapsack, spun me around, and then I found myself face down in the mud in that puddle. Then there's this DI shouting at me about how Marines will go through anything to accomplish their mission.

I had to finish the rest of that hike soaked and muddy with dirty boots and still looking to ditch that M-14.

I've Got Two Other Stories About DIs. --RoadDog

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