Monday, June 6, 2011

Eat Your Way Across America: 50 States, 50 Festivals-- Part 10: Northeast/ Alaska & Hawaii

46. MILFORD PUMPKIN FESTIVAL-- MILFORD, NH, OCT. 7-9-- Linus never saw the Great Pumpkin fly through the air, but you can see the Great Chunker, a siz-ton air cannon, will be shooting squash more than 3,000 feet. You can make your own scarecrow, and, of course, carve and paint your own pumpkins.

47. BRIDGEVILLE APPLE-SCRAPPLE FESTIVAL-- BRIDGEVILLE, DEL., OCT 14-15-- Honors two state staples, the apple and the scrapple (a meatloaf-like pork product). Interesting contests like scrapple carving, scrapple chunking (pitching scrapple shot-put style) and a ladies skillet toss.

48. WELLFEET OYSTERFEST-- WELLFLEET. MASS., OCT 15-16-- Have local oysters raw, grilled, fried, baked or in stews. Also, there is an Oyster-Shuck-Off. Last year's champ shucked 24 in just over two minutes.

49. KODIAK CRAB FESTIVAL-- KODIAK, ALASKA, MAY 26-27-- Well, missed it. maybe next year All sorts of seafood to celebrate the end of winter.

50. KAUAI COCONIT FESTIVAL-- KAPAA, HAWAII, OCT 1-2-- Eat fish in coconut sauce. Eat haupia (traditional coconut milk-based dessert. Also, coconut bowling, ring-around-the-coconut and coconut checkers.

All These Festivals Done Got Me the Hongries. --RoadDog

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