Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun at the Captain's: Band, Beer and Lake

More good times out on the chain without a boat. However, in just a couple hours, I'll be driving out to Hebron, Illinois, to pick up our boat, "School's Out...Forever." I had hoped to have it in the water by April, but the weather has just been too bad.

Friday, we went over to the Tank on Long Lake and sat outside enjoying those buck beers. they even have Bud Lite Lime for a buck. I am not a big Anheiser-Busch fan, but do like BLL.

Saturday was work around the house.

Sunday, we went over to St. Bede's in Ingleside for the Knights of Columbus breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, potatoes, fruits, juice, coffee, biscuits and gravy and pancakes for $6.

Took a ride by the old Costello's/Baja Benny's which is still closed and for sale. Also went by the old Neptune's Cove/Jukebox Saturday Night (one of the first places I deejayed regularly at and where we used to see the country band Choyce). It has since been torn down and replaced with McMansions as has the old Last Resort next to it. All three of these places are on Fox Lake.

Later, we went to Captain's Quarters and sat outside overlooking Fox Lake and saw a band we'd never seen before, Average Joe. Figured with a name like that, they couldn't take themselves too seriously. They didn't and were extremely good. They even had a guy who would play the accordion every so often and they did a few Dropkick Murphys songs.

I bought two bottles of Old Style Beer which were done up like baseball bats with the Cubs logo on them. Like the bottle said, "Since 1902."

We'll definitely see them again.

Good Times Out on the Chain. --RoadDog

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